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  • Small Batch Elderberry Syrup

    WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAND-CRAFTED SMALL BATCH ELDERBERRY SYRUP AND COMMERCIAL BRANDS? Ever since the pandemic the explosion of elderberry syrup in grocery stores has taken to being the front runner where natural remedies is concerned. Yes there is still controversy of how well it does fighting colds, flu and other major viral heavy hitters. With a multitude of health benefits and anti- viral properties that have been scientifically attributed to these special berries, you may be inclined to go to your nearest grocer and pick you up a bottle or two. But just how potent is the commercial brand of elderberry syrup, and how well do you think it helps in protecting your family's health? INGREDIENTS OF COMMERCIAL ELDERBERRY SYRUP BRANDS Many of the commercial brands are manufactured using a number of low-quality sweeteners, like fructose, which is genetically engineered corn. Many commercially manufactured syrups often include ingredients like vegetable glycerin to add extra sweet flavor to the product. Which does nothing but aid in tooth decay not to mention spiked increases of blood sugar levels which does nothing for boosting immunity levels. Seeing how these days in the age of information, we are constantly being bombarded with articles, stories and videos on how food's are not as healthy as they claim to be. Or we are learning the many ways we have been tricked into believing how safe some products are by masking ingredients with alias names to make them seem safer. Many times I think companies expect that many people will not do their research with ingredients, or just follow blindly because it says on the label "made with raw honey" and dont read the labels. I can say I have been guilty of this as well, forgetting that just because it says "Natural Ingredients" on the label doesn't mean ALL the ingredients are natural. In general when companies that make elderberry syrup have "made with raw honey" on the front label, and it is in the ingredient list, understand that it may have started out that way, but because honey ends up being pasteurized to aid in it having a longer shelf life, the honey has now been processed into pure sugar. Even adding ingredients like palm sugar, which is another low-grade sweetener, and these processes help to make the price for manufacturing these syrups a lot less expensive. And at what cost, the cost of giving you false hope that your health is being protected. THE PASTEURIZING PROCESS When products are pasteurized (orange juice, milk, wine, etc) they go through process of being heated at extremely high temperatures to kill off any bacteria and allowing for longer shelf life. So when this is done to honey, it is in fact killing off the very enzymes that make honey a high contributor to protecting your health. And this in fact lowers the quality of the elderberry syrup even further. Traditional elderberry syrup recipes use a half cup of berries to every 16 ounces of water, but compared to commercial brands, it is not sure of the amount used in their elderberry syrups, however I can deem it safe to say, that isnt the case with these large companies. Even Elderberry gummies have more sugars than berries as the primary ingredients, so really you are just eating candy. Pasteurization is a standard manufacturing practice, but in this case you are not getting the aided benefits that true elderberry syrups are supposed to give you. Instead, you are ingesting honey that has had its anti-viral properties killed off due to the high levels of heat (pasteurizing) that goes along with manufacturing commercial grade elderberry syrups, that is if honey is used at all. Included in these ingredients are more low- grade sweeteners and low amounts of actual elderberries including more cheap additives like food dyes and flavors. In essence, this is why many times you may not get the results of relief you are looking for when ill, because many of these brands are just giving you in a form of a sugar pill. SMALL BATCH HAND-CRAFTED ELDERBERRY SYRUP Small batched elderberry syrups are much more potent and actually give your body the needed immune boosting properties that elderberry syrups should. Our elderberry syrup includes more anti viral and antioxidant ingredients like rosehips, cloves, and aronia berries. When we add raw honey to our batches, we wait for the syrup to cool first, so that you benefit from those properties as well. Small batched elderberry syrups are not pasteurized, their shelf life is shorter, (6 months if properly stored) why you need to refrigerate. READ YOUR INGREDIENTS I know we wish we could put the rose colored glasses back on and assume ignorance when it comes to, well, everything we ingest, but these days if we are fighting for the quality of life for ourselves and our families, we need to do our due diligence and know ingredients, know their properties and know their aliases. Gone are the days of believing everything written on the label as gospel and it is sad that this what we need to do with the long laundry list of other things to just live. Be your own advocate, and research, it may save your life. If you are looking for some quality elderberry syrup you can get some here. Buy Now or Subscribe and be apart of the health movement.

  • The Magic in Nature

    Being aware of the power of natural ingredients and protecting our quality of life Not to sound trite, but the war on nature is real and it is a continued struggle between the natural community and the pharmaceutical world. Discussions even heated debates regarding which is better, have gone on for decades. Since the early 20th century been a tug of war between BIG PHARMA and the natural world. This was mainly due to the involvement John D Rockefeller and through a contractor he hired, Abraham Flexner, and pushing his agenda through Congress, he singlehandedly changed the trajectory of how we view natural medicines. Due to the indoctrination of medical professionals involving how much more important pharmaceutical drugs were than their natural counterparts and nutrition. The fact that pharmaceutical companies and government officials have been in bed with each other for generations is not by accident. To brainwash and reprogram people to thinking lab created "medicines" is better for them and their health is truly a feat that is unmeasurable. We have been through generations brainwashed into thinking traditional remedies are bunk, or they don't hold as much weight or validity as medicines from pharmaceutical companies. Rockefeller made a point, with Flexner's help to get Congress to change many laws that would promote the use of pharmaceutical medicines and start a smear campaign that natural medicine practices and teachings in the universities need to be removed. Well as you can see it has been very successful and continues. This is in part why many times when you see natural remedies suggestions, it is most always backed up with, "there isn't enough research to validate if this remedy works". This putting doubt in our minds of whether we should just use the "remedies" our doctors prescribe. Rockerfeller even went as far as to try to spread this "virus" of misinformation to China, to try to irradiate the use of Traditional Chinese medicines! It was not as successful over there, but to see how far this diabolical man's pursuit to dominate and crush any grassroots homeopathic companies is just plain evil. I am guilty of this as well, because this knowledge was passed down from my parents. I don't fault them, they were only following what the doctors suggested. Where my parents' generation believed if you had papers or letters behind your name you were an expert and should be listened to. Now don't get me wrong, there are many scholars and medical professionals that have valid information that are helpful in many instances. My issues is more where the medical profession as a whole does not advocate for prevention. I don't see or hear enough about nutritionists walking the halls of general practitioners facilities or hospitals and if there are it is very limited information. Teaching proper eating habits and the benefits of what foods offer for the blood, and organs of our bodies. Instead we are told if we even mention a natural remedy, that they don't recommend we mix the prescribed medicine with some "unknown" natural herb. Or many times I would read about a natural remedy and even some that were tested, but then the disclaimer, "there isn't enough testing done..." I ask this, why not? The amount of time, energy and money it has taken a company to do human trials using some lab created pill could just as easily be done with an herb, or a root to test. But that would not be prudent on the side of the pharmaceutical companies and why government doesn't promote pushing natural remedies, this cuts into their bottom line. If more people daily learned how there are many comparable natural remedies to the pharmaceutical bandages, this would leave many companies and individuals who have money in stocks and other vested interests a bit short changed. "Natural and herbal medicines were very popular in America during the early 1900s. Almost one half the medical colleges and doctors in America were practicing holistic medicine, using extensive knowledge from Europe and Native American traditions." Rockefeller knew this would be detrimental to his plans of seeing how lucrative by purchasing a German pharmaceutical company and thus smearing the good name of traditional medicine. Notice the amount of commercials and ads pushed daily about a new drug or an old one that is new and improved that can "help ease" your pain. Compared to the lack of information shared about using herbs, roots, berries as preventative medicines to protect your body, to heal your body and to strengthen your body. Now I do not say there aren't natural, and I use that term loosely, remedies on grocery stores and online to order. But we must be diligent with our research and understanding that not all products that say "natural" have all natural ingredients. I mean many times if a product has one natural ingredients even two or three, big box companies, then to slap "natural" on the front. I learned this the hard way some years ago, but that's another blog post. Case in point, the elderberry craze. The power of the elderberry has been hidden gem in the natural world. When we were in the thick of COVID it surfaced main stream but not without controversy. But soon after more and more brands of elderberry syrup were popping up over night. I will say this, READ INGREDIENTS. All natural products are created equal and many times when big companies create them they are lacking the potency needed to actually make a difference. I have been making elderberry syrup for the last 7 years for my family mostly around cold and flu season and when COVID hit I discovered how truly magical this berry was. Elderberry is definitely a viral inhibitor and in my home it was a great protector during COVID. Western medicine certainly has its place in the grand design, but we have gotten so dependent and complacent on their "remedies" we take the good with the bad and play Russian Roulette with your health. I think if more of us educated ourselves and shared pertinent information on just how powerful natural remedies are, we could take back our power. Big Pharma would begin to lose its grip on us as a whole. We have believed for so long that need to wait until we are ill then find a remedy instead of being proactive and taking precautions through natural solutions. To drink the herbal teas as part of our regimen, and take our daily dose of elderberry syrup to ward off viral attacks to our systems. When you hear the phrase "build up your immune system", it's not just a slogan, it is truly something we should take to heart. That is the key to alleviating many health issues. Simply put, think of each of your cells as a balloon, when they are fully inflated they have all the vitamins and minerals needed to float effortlessly, but when they begin to deflate they are losing those vital ingredients to keep the body strong and healthy against attacks from invaders. When we don't replenish those balloons daily with vitamin, mineral intake we leave our bodies vulnerable to invaders who are like monsters waiting for a crack in the foundation to slip in and take over. Nature should never be seen as an "alternative" medicine, it is and always was the the original medicine. If we start thinking that way being more proactive in our health journey I believe we could reverse many of these ailments that have been continuously plaguing us. Below is my elderberry syrup recipe Before COVID, I was making this for my family when cold and flu season was near. I even found it helpful for my son's and mom's sinus issues during the Spring weather. Elderberry has anti-inflammatory properties that allow the body to fight off respiratory irritations including coughs and congestion. The key is to take consistently. When you feel illiness setting in take the syrup more than once a day. When you are not ill take as a supplement daily to help build immune system and preventative measures. Elderberry Syrup Recipe Ingredient List 4 cups distilled water 1 cup dried elderberries 2 cinnamon sticks 12 whole cloves (optional) 1/2 cup rosehips (optional) 1/4 cup fresh ginger root 2 cups raw honey Directions should always be short and to the point. Pour water, Elderberries, Ginger, Cinnamon in large pot Heat on medium heat until the mixture starts to boil. Reduce heat to simmer and cover with a lid Simmer for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally, until the syrup is reduced by about half. Add rosehips and cloves if you have them. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Pour the syrup through a colander into a glass or ceramic bowl. Use the back of a spoon to press any remaining juices out of the berries. Discard the berries, ginger, cinnamon, rosehips and cloves. Allow syrup to cool completely before adding honey. Stir in until completely dissolved in syrup. Pour the completed elderberry syrup into a jar, or bottle add a lid, and store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. For longer storage, freeze syrup in ice cube trays and thaw whenever you need them. How to Take It Suggested Use: children over 1 year of age can take 1/2—1 teaspoon a day (do not give to children under 1 because the recipe contains honey). Adults can take 1 tablespoon per day as a preventative, and increase to every 1-2 hours if you feel an illness coming on. These are the amounts that we personally use. Let us know if you have tried our recipe and if it helps keep your family healthy.

  • #Cancer Causing Commodities

    I have been talking with people asking about their health routines and really it wasn't a shock to me that many people only talked about their eating habits and what they did to correct it or make it better. Making the connections with eating better and making better skin care #product decisions have a direct link to creating an environment for cancer cells to develop becoming a detriment to your life. We all have pre cancerous cells, but how we live our lives through the products we put in and on our bodies is what can help determine how healthy we are living. So many of us get complacent, myself included, listening to the companies we grew up who sold skin care products our grannys and mom's used on our skin and swore by them. Even today some companies who's platform is "natural", if you do further, digging into the ingredients you will find about 1/4 of them are natural and the rest are lab created. Even companies who add the word Shea on their bottle think that slapping a Natural ingredient on their product constitutes natural or having natural tendencies when in truth with all the toxic ingredients the Shea has to fight through to even provide your body with an ounce of skincare nutrition your skin still wouldn't be safe. I remember using this particular brand on my youngest child and finding that it wasnt keeping his skin moisturized. I would apply the lotion after a bath and 10 minutes later you would look at his legs and think I hadn't put any type of moisturizer on him. After really looking at the ingredients and researching each one I found that it had drying alcohol (avoid these alcohols: ethanol, ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and SD alcohol) also petroleum. The few natural ingredients that it did have were at the bottom of the list (usually meaning the further down the list there is very little of that ingredient in the product) . This is what prompted me to be more aggressive in using products that actually said what they offered. And in turn pushing me to start creating my own products. I know I know that is alot to ask for when people are leading busy lives, so let me help with some of that by supplying you with some of the ingredients you should shy away from and those you should feel comfortable putting on you and your family's skin. Such ingredients as #Sulfates, #Petroleum, #Mineral Oil, #Isopropyl Alcohol, and #Parabens. The list of toxic ingredients is over 82,000 where companies use such ingredients as carcinogens, hormone disruptors and reproductive toxins. Here is an extensive list Adults absorb up 60% of what we put on our skin and children's bodies absorb 40-50% more. They are more prone to contracting diseases later in life when exposed to toxins. In essence being exposed to these toxins as children in the long run can have long term harmful health problems from learning disabilities, skin allergies, reproductive problems to contracting different forms of Cancer. These are ingredients are found in everything from cleansing body care products to deodorants to skin care creams. And we wonder why we end up at the doctor's or the dermatologist more times then we would like. Why doctors tend to prescribe more pills and antihistamines anti inflammatory pills and steroid cremes that only mask the affliction and keep you coming back for more hoping eventually it will fix the problem. We need to make doctors more accountable, better yet don't just take what doctors are "selling", many times there is a natural alternative to issues we are having with our skin. Think about it, we are from nature, we are natural, so wouldn't seem the logical thing to look towards natural solutions in nature instead of a lab with synthetic choices that most times leave you with side effects worst than the affliction you are dealing with. #Sodium #lauryl #sulfate (SLS)-an additive that allows cleansing products to foam.The sodium lauryl sulfate found in our soaps is exactly the same as you would find in a car wash or even a garage, where it is used to degrease car engines.In the same way as it dissolves the grease on car engines, sodium lauryl sulfate also dissolves the oils on your skin, which can cause a drying effect. SLS may also be listed as sodium dodecyl sulfate, sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, sodium salt, sodium salt sulfuric acid, sodium dodecyl sulfate, aquarex me or aquarex methyl according to the EWG. Why may you ask is this cleansing ingredient used in both our skincare products like soaps, body washes and shampoos, simple- it's cheap. In the age of information it makes it much easier to learn about what seemed to be a well kept secret by these big box skin care companies. Our skin cells are the gateway to our internal organs receiving good and bad products. It is up to us to make an effort to seeing that more good than bad is received. I am sure some of you are thinking,"It hasn't affected my skin so why do I need to start looking at natural alternatives". You may not be seeing the affects on your skin right now but what is it doing to your insides? This is not about pushing a new product to people, this is about pushing an idea of not making the use of natural products an option but a way of life. Because in the long run isn't you and your family's quality of life worth the fight? - C Farrow Like us on Facebook TheAfterAffects Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @theafteraffects Check out our products

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