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Top 5 Oils For Worn Out Skin

Updated: May 19

These five oils can be a great lover for your skin to help bring back its vitality

Oils can be your friend you just have to know which ones

These 5 oils I find to be extremely lovely for helping worn out, skin that needs a pick me up.

#Camellia Oil (#Green #Tea)

This oil provides extreme beneficial nourishment to your skin, leaving it looking and feeling soft as a baby's behind. Because tea seed oil mimics your skin’s natural oil, your skin absorbs it quickly. It also penetrates deep through the #epidermis. Another plus with this oil, is it helps to decrease over production of melanin which causes #hyperpigmentation. With vitamins A and B it improves #elasticity of the skin and it is light enough to use both day and night.

I discovered this oil when looking for oils that I could make some of my son's baby skin care products with. And because it works like #jojoba oil in a similar way to the #sebum the skin produces naturally, it made for the perfect choice for facial skin products. With its effectiveness at #sealing in #moisture, I found many dermatologists love this oil as well because it fights aging and with high antioxidant levels it is great defense against free

radicals. It #penetrates deep within the #dermis giving lasting hold on hydration for your skin.

Buriti Oil

This oil is the most natural known source of beta carotene, which means it is a pre cursor or what is called provitamin A. This in tell turns into a #retinol, that helps store your collagen and stimulate new collagen to help in a sense speed up the process of skin cell reproduction bringing about new #youthful skin. But be careful you don't want to over use because of its orange reddish huh you can use too much and if you have lighter skin, it may turn your skin a bit on the carrot side. I love this oil best combined with one or more of these other oils in low doses. Dermatologists do not recommend use because of its retinol properties, if you have eczema or rosacea, if you are nursing or pregnant.

This little number is big on benefits. Anytime you add rosehips to your face or drink it in a tea, unless you are allergic to this wonderful bud you will not be disappointed of its lasting effects on the body. For the face, it is not only like #buriti oil, it boost #collagen formation, it exfoliates as an oil to brighten skin, it aids in hydration to lock in and as it helps to protect against sun damage and hyperpigmentation. I love using this oil and you can make your own infusion with dried rose hips buds. You will definitely notice a suppleness to your skin when infused in any low comedogenic oil (apricot, peach, safflower, olive, grapeseed, jojoba, oils).

Whew! What can I say, this oil's reputation precedes it and it does not disappoint. Have you heard of oil cleansing, well this little diddy, does just that. You can use this oil as a cleansing agent to help cleanse pores while offering leveling up your skin's chances of retaining moisture better. Being rich in #vitamin A and #antioxidants, this flower infused oil renews #skin cells, repairs damaged tissues and brings about glowing complexion and keeping skin moisturized longer. Adding this ingredient to infuse in your oil is a winning combination for a facial oil.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

Once you know what your skin type is, if you have not tried any of these oils. Put in a cream or a serum, in a hand butter, or body balm you should definitely check one or two out. These are just my top 5 favorites, let us know if you have some favorite oils that have helped restore your skin's vitality or oils you would like to try. We want to hear from you.

These oils are typically for all skin types, but as always do a patch test to see how your skin will react. And as always I want to hear from you to let me know your thoughts.

- C Dawn

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