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What's All The Babassu About?

We know coconut oil, do you know it's cousin, babassu oil? Well if you haven't been aquatinted, here is your chance to meet this little wonder from the south.

Ya'll let's me introduce to my go to for base oils. Babassu oil is practically in all my formulations, from my body bars to my deodorants, it is like an AMX card I don't formulate with out it.

She's just a small town oil and a South American native. I want to tell you about how it is all about the Babassu Baby. This is another oil I have fallen in love with. It has so many of the same characteristics as Coconut Oil yet you can only use a certain percentage of Coconut

Oil before it begins to dry the skin out. Coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of of 4, which is pretty high on the scale for clogging pores and causing acne. Where as Babassu oil's rating falls between 1-2 on the comedogenic rating, which gives you a far better chance of improving skin's texture and reducing bacteria that causes acne. Babassu oil is considered to be a superior emollient that is rather beneficial for either dry or oily complexions (this is why I include it in my handmade soaps and a base in many of my moisture formulas). It gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen.

This reason being is due to the Oleic Fatty Acid (Sunflower Oil, Primrose,Avocado) it holds twice as much as coconut oil so us soap makers aren’t as restricted with the percentage used when creating our soap formulas and like the oils mentioned in the above sentence we can use babassu oil to super-fat our soap to give you added moisture without leaving your skin with an oily residue. I love this oil and use in lip balms and hand creams as well as creating my own hair cream using babassu oil. Babassu is high in #Vitamin E and has #anti-inflammatory properties that aid in its ability when being applied as a solid directly on the skin how it melts on contact giving your skin a cooling sensation. Another reason I love formulating with this oil in butters and creams rather than coconut oil is because it absorbs into the skin faster and doesn't leave an oily residue.

This is why I love what I do, even if you cant try or experiment with different butters and oils because it can get become rather costly you should venture out of your comfort oils and butters and give some of these wonderfully exotic butters and oils a try-especially if you find what you are using isn’t giving much help. Read your labels and if you see some of these butters or oils I spoke of by all means give them a try they are worth it. Also try asking your natural body care professional to see what they recommend and by all means do research on your own-after all it is your skin and you want the best there is to help keep its integrity.

So you see no one butter or oil can work alone and this includes Shea or Olive Oil-where one is lacking in vitamins and minerals another makes up for it. Don’t be fooled your body needs most if not all the vitamins both inside and out and when you deny it there tends to be an issue that you will have to address later. Your skin needs A,B’s,C,D,E,and F. Your skin needs Panthenol, Beta Carotene, and the Omegas(3,6,9). Your skin needs added Sulfur and Anti-Oxidants because it is all connected. So don’t deny your body these nutrients because all you may know is Shea believe me it will thank you for it and you will notice a difference.

I love using this butter as a substitute to coconut oil and in my healing and lip balms because it cuts down on the greasy feel that I found coconut oil to have and melts so easily into skin upon skin contact. This is a beautiful butter that I hope becomes more readily used and learned about because it really a needed addition in both skincare and hair care products.

Remember this: Keeping one’s head in the sand because you want to follow the pack doesn’t make living less dangerous it just makes you unprepared.

You Grow as you Know

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