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Small Batch Elderberry Syrup

Updated: 5 days ago


Ever since the pandemic the explosion of elderberry syrup in grocery stores has taken to being the front runner where natural remedies is concerned. Yes there is still controversy of how well it does fighting colds, flu and other major viral heavy hitters. With a multitude of health benefits and anti- viral properties that have been scientifically attributed to these special berries, you may be inclined to go to your nearest grocer and pick you up a bottle or two. But just how potent is the commercial brand of elderberry syrup, and how well do you think it helps in protecting your family's health?


Many of the commercial brands are manufactured using a number of low-quality sweeteners, like fructose, which is genetically engineered corn. Many commercially manufactured syrups often include ingredients like vegetable glycerin to add extra sweet flavor to the product. Which does nothing but aid in tooth decay not to mention spiked increases of blood sugar levels which does nothing for boosting immunity levels.

Seeing how these days in the age of information, we are constantly being bombarded with articles, stories and videos on how food's are not as healthy as they claim to be. Or we are learning the many ways we have been tricked into believing how safe some products are by masking ingredients with alias names to make them seem safer. Many times I think companies expect that many people will not do their research with ingredients, or just follow blindly because it says on the label "made with raw honey" and dont read the labels. I can say I have been guilty of this as well, forgetting that just because it says "Natural Ingredients" on the label doesn't mean ALL the ingredients are natural.

In general when companies that make elderberry syrup have "made with raw honey" on the front label, and it is in the ingredient list, understand that it may have started out that way, but because honey ends up being pasteurized to aid in it having a longer shelf life, the honey has now been processed into pure sugar. Even adding ingredients like palm sugar, which is another low-grade sweetener, and these processes help to make the price for manufacturing these syrups a lot less expensive. And at what cost, the cost of giving you false hope that your health is being protected.


When products are pasteurized (orange juice, milk, wine, etc) they go through process of being heated at extremely high temperatures to kill off any bacteria and allowing for longer shelf life. So when this is done to honey, it is in fact killing off the very enzymes that make honey a high contributor to protecting your health. And this in fact lowers the quality of the elderberry syrup even further.

Traditional elderberry syrup recipes use a half cup of berries to every 16 ounces of water, but compared to commercial brands, it is not sure of the amount used in their elderberry syrups, however I can deem it safe to say, that isnt the case with these large companies. Even Elderberry gummies have more sugars than berries as the primary ingredients, so really you are just eating candy.

Pasteurization is a standard manufacturing practice, but in this case you are not getting the aided benefits that true elderberry syrups are supposed to give you. Instead, you are ingesting honey that has had its anti-viral properties killed off due to the high levels of heat (pasteurizing) that goes along with manufacturing commercial grade elderberry syrups, that is if honey is used at all. Included in these ingredients are more low- grade sweeteners and low amounts of actual elderberries including more cheap additives like food dyes and flavors. In essence, this is why many times you may not get the results of relief you are looking for when ill, because many of these brands are just giving you in a form of a sugar pill.


Small batched elderberry syrups are much more potent and actually give your body the needed immune boosting properties that elderberry syrups should. Our elderberry syrup includes more anti viral and antioxidant ingredients like rosehips, cloves, and aronia berries. When we add raw honey to our batches, we wait for the syrup to cool first, so that you benefit from those properties as well. Small batched elderberry syrups are not pasteurized, their shelf life is shorter, (6 months if properly stored) why you need to refrigerate.


I know we wish we could put the rose colored glasses back on and assume ignorance when it comes to, well, everything we ingest, but these days if we are fighting for the quality of life for ourselves and our families, we need to do our due diligence and know ingredients, know their properties and know their aliases. Gone are the days of believing everything written on the label as gospel and it is sad that this what we need to do with the long laundry list of other things to just live. Be your own advocate, and research, it may save your life.

If you are looking for some quality elderberry syrup you can get some here. Buy Now or Subscribe and be apart of the health movement.

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