#Alcohol: The Good and The Bad

You read the word alcohol in your skin care ingredients or even your hair care products and automatically you decide need to put that back on the shelf. Many times we have been told alcohols are drying, stay away from alcohols they are damaging to your skin and hair.

Yes, alcohols definitely have a bad rep. but we have to separate them, because even with there being a list of #drying #alcohols that can most assuredly damage skin and hair there are just as many #moisturizing #alcohol that offer wonderful benefits that aid in the body's integrity.

Alcohol Ingredients to steer clear of:

1. #Ethanol Alcohol: Can cause burning sensations on the skin

2. #Ethyl Alcohol: Found in astringents and if you have dry or sensitive skin you definitely want to avoid

3. #Isopropyl alcohol: Dehydrating effects on skin and hair often found in toners and gel moisturizers

4. #SD alcohol: Used as an anti-foaming agent in some skin care and cosmetics products and like Isopropyl alcohol drys the skin out.

But here are alcohols that not only don't have averse affects to skin and hair they actually offer helpful benefits in the integrity of both.

Beneficial Alcohols that offer moisture

1. #Cetyl Alcohol Extracted from coconut oil, it is an emollient that is included in skin care products to stabilize the formulations. It is a prime ingredient in moisturizers because it helps the moisturizer lock the in moisture to create a protective barrier for skin.

2. #Stearyl Alcohol Also derived from coconut oil. Because it is an emollient as well as an emulsifier, it can be substituted for cetyl alcohol to firm skin care formulations. It is mostly found in creams, lubricants, depilatories and conditioners.

3. #Cetearyl Alcohol

Derived from natural oils and fats, it imparts an emollient feel to the skin. Cetearyl alcohol is widely used in cleansers, permanent hair color, face creams, eye make-up and sunblocks.

4. #Behenyl Alcohol

As an emulsifier, it holds the water and oils together in cosmetics. It is typically made from the fats of vegetable oils.

5. #Oleyl alcohol

Derived from olive oil, beef fat or fish

There are more alcohols out there, both drying and moisturizing. These are just some that are used generally in skincare, haircare and cosmetic brand ingredients. As always I implore you please read those ingredient labels and use Google to search names you are unsure of.

- C Farrow

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