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5 Ingredients Your Pits Should Never Know

Don't believe the hype that natural deodorants don't work. The right blend of natural ingredients can get you right all day and night.

Who is still using anti-perspirant? If it is you then this post is for you. No shade to you but when you know better you do better. Here is a bit of information for you to take with you on your next trip down the deodorant aisle.

#Deodorant is intended to inhibit bacterial growth with the use of an antiseptic (the bacteria is what causes the odor). Deodorants do not reduce perspiration, though, so they are simply considered a cosmetic, rather than a drug like antiperspirants (interfere with an essential function of the body (perspiration)

#Antiperspirants rely on aluminum based compounds like to block the pores from producing sweat. Most antiperspirants include a deodorant of some kind, too, to mask any odors that might slip through after it begins to lose its effectiveness.

We are learning more and more each day about the dangers of many of these commercial brand body care products and the #toxic #ingredients like parabens (absorbed through the skin, mimic estrogen) that have been found to be linked to breast cancer. I have found that alot of customers are asking what alternatives are there to their over the counter deodorant. Here are some alternatives to keeping your pits healthy and your body a little safer from those cancer causing antiperspirants.

I have been talking with people asking about their health routines and really it wasn't a shock to me that many people only talked about their eating habits and what they did to correct it or make it better. These days people have become dually concerned about their health and even an increasing interest in finding natural skincare products that will correct the damage instead of trying to conceal with makeup.

Skincare routines is not exclusive to what cleansers or moisturizers we put on our skin but what goes on in our pits. You know those two shallow caverns under each of our arms. Recognizing that what goes on our skin eventually makes its way into our organs and this includes to type of protection you use to coat your underarms.

So many of us get complacent, myself included, listening to the companies we grew up who sold skin care products our granny's and mom's used on our skin and swore by them. Even today some companies who's platform is "natural," if you do further digging into their ingredients, you will find about 1/4 of them are natural and the rest are lab created. Even companies who add the word Shea on their bottles think that slapping a Natural ingredient on their product constitutes natural or having natural tendencies when in truth with all the toxic ingredients the Shea has to fight through to even provide your body with an ounce of skincare nutrition your skin still isn't be safe.

A lot of conventional brands tend to market to consumers as it being a deodorant but in their selling they state it as an anti-perspirant. Of course no one likes having wet underarms as you are working out, working in the garden, going for a job or just playing with your children. The key is knowing what is a deodorant and what is an anti-perspirant.

Your body is supposed to excrete sweat, that is how it removes waste from your body and is a cooling mechanism that gives your body natural tools to not overheat. So you have to be aware that most anti-perspirants are not doing your body a favor by trapping that sweat and blocking your pores from detoxifying itself naturally. When your pits aren't allowed to do these things you are essentially keeping trash in your system and these can lead to damaging health issues including cancers, due to the ingredients used to block your pores from doing what nature designed them to do.

Now don't get me wrong there are some deodorant brands that have natural ingredients and do what they are supposed to do, but they can be lacking in the odor fighting department. This is why I do understand when people find out I make natural deodorant and dont ask further about them, and I am sure it is because they have tried other brands before and found them not living up to the claims. I implore you not to give up but to keep looking for that natural deodorant that works for you.

When looking for a successful natural deodorant make sure they include some of if not all of these ingredients:

#Kaolin Clay: Absorbs sweat , eliminates odor

#Bentonite Clay: Detoxifying properties

#Baking Soda (Aluminum Free) :Effective in absorbing sweat

Zinc Oxide: Antimicrobial properties to kill bad bacteria

Arrowroot powder: Absorbs moisture trapped on skin

These are key ingredients that will give your pits the same protection an anti-perspirant gives without the side effects from toxic ingredients.

Anti-perspirants main job is to stop sweat or wetness before it ever has a chance to release from your pores. You do want sweat to be released from your pores, allowing wastes and toxins to "exit the building." That is what deodorants are designed to do. What you do want are ingredients like those I listed above, that can naturally absorb the wetness once released. Don't be fooled when the container reads "Anti-perspirant Deodorant" on the label. If you see this, turn that container or bottle over and read all those ingredients for any of those toxins listed.

Basic Deodorant Recipe

Making your own deodorant is a simple process that allows you to customize your deodorant to your needs and preferences.

Here is a simple recipe that can get you started.

1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup cornstarch 3 tbs of Coconut oil

10-20 drops of essential oil, tea tree & peppermint work very well

Mix baking soda & cornstarch and add enough coconut oil to get a good paste consistency. Add about 10-20 drops EO and mix well. Store in air tight container. In summer months store in refrigerator.

Or check our selection of deodorants to try. Here is one of our popular ones.

-Author : C. Farrow

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