C. Dawn was becoming discouraged because it seemed product after product and soap after soap while offering one thing lacked another until while internet searching one day brought her to a natural product line that seemed to boast of its natural moisturizing properties. She soon began buying their body butters and body scrubs.   C. Dawn loved what these Products did for her and her family's skin and the fact that it was all natural. The products seemed to be doing the trick for awhile, so much so she had thrown out all the other lotions in her home containing petroleum, mineral oil, and 90% synthetic, until somewhere down the line she began noticing that her youngest son's skin was reverting back to the rough skin it once had.


C. Dawn was disheartened by the fact that she was going to have to hunt further to find another natural product to combat the signs of dry, flakey 'alligator ' skin. Coming up empty once again, C. Dawn then decided to put her money into trying to create a product for her son's type of skin issue. This would give her control of what she thought should and shouldn't go onto her family's skin. C. Dawn became enthralled in researching the properties of different combinations of butter and oils. She strived to achieve a product that would balance the necessary vitamins and minerals that offered skin barriers from pollutants and at the same time promoting cellular repair naturally.


After months of research and trial and error she finally developed a line of natural skin care products that did just what she hoped and more. She'd created an inventory of products that didn't include parabens, sulfates or alcohols. Using these natural ingredients to create ‘recipes’ of creams, oils, and handmade goat's milk soaps, her family's skin began looking more radiant, vibrant and stayed moisturized all day, leaving their skin soft and supple.


Her youngest son's knees and feet began to feel soft and smooth like the rest of his skin and wasn’t dry like it once had been. Once witnessing the success of her products on her family member’s skin, her aim changed focused to those outside of her inner circle. C. Dawn distributed samples to friends and friends of friends, which soon gave her more proof that her natural skin care products were significantly helping users with different skin problems. She was surprised to discover some of her users suffering from eczema had tried her products and exclaimed her body sorbets were working better than the creams prescribed by their doctors. These lightly whipped body butters not only stops the itching and keeps their skin moist, but also helped clear dry patches. Unlike commercial brands, the natural products created by After Affects sinks into your skin leaving a barrier of protection against free radicals and UV rays without side effects from laboratory ingredients. These laboratory ingredients which have been said to have adverse affects to not only the skin but the body as a whole.


C. Dawn's concern for her family and passion for health along with self-ambition had come full circle. She had mastered the art of blending natural ingredients, oils, and butters to produce a lightly whipped product that benefits many skin types.


While growing up in the relentless and unpredictable climate changes of Illinois, C. Dawn's parents always stressed the importance of healthy eating and drinking, which included constant water intake Learning from her dad how to read ingredients and understanding the benefits of its information also became instrumental in her home. C. Dawn continued to cook with oils and ingredients That would aid in her own family's skin and heart health. Being the only woman in her family, she knew the importance of having a good skin care regimen and tried teaching that to the men in her family. Sadly, she continued to notice her family of males suffering from dry skin. Moisturizing products didn't make good on their promises to repair and to rebuild moisture levels in the skin. Spending hundreds of dollars trying to find that one product that would offer the needed moisture that was missing in their skin and protect it from harmful UV Rays.

"She strived to create a product that would balance the necessary vitamins and minerals"



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