The concept of natural skin care is not new, but most commercial brand companies who advertise products as “all natural” or offers our body added moisturizing properties may not be all natural or skin beneficial. Ironically, most lotions or creams just don't pamper our skin with quality ingredients. Ingredients like mineral and petroleum oils found in their products are just not healthy choices for aiding in the betterment of your skin’s cellular productive nature.


In After Affects products each recipe is concentrated and designed to penetrate deep into each layer of skin. Our all-natural soaps are handmade and provide the same cleansing features as commercial soaps and body washes,accept we leave the moisturizing properties in.  The unquestionable difference with After Affects we use only all natural butters and oils like Mango, Jojoba, and Avocado for our soaps no drying agents we even use natural colorants that offer skin-loving benefits. You get a rich creamy lather in each bar,while allowing daily moisture retention the natural way. Our soaps bring you relief from dry itchy skin and give you a feeling of fully conditioned and pampered skin right out of the shower.








The founder, C. Dawn was inspired to create moisture intense natural products using only natural and organic butters and oils.  Free of mineral and petroleum oils, parabens, sulfates and drying alcohols, we only use natural products that replenish the skin with the needed vitamins and minerals it’s missing. After Affects also offers an exfoliating line of products that are gentle enough for even sensitive skin and can be used daily. Made from all natural butters and oils with just the right balance the hand whipped creamy smoothies add much needed conditioning to skin.


The benefit of our natural ingredients means these sorbets don't leave a greasy residue or sit on your skin like most commercial moisturizing creams or oils who’s main ingredient is usually petroleum or mineral oil. These toxic ingredients that have been tested and proven in many studies to be harmful not only to your skin, but to your general health.


After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions offers moisturizing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating recipes prepared in the loving and meticulous manner of parents caring for their family. Everyone deserves healthy skin the natural way. After Affects is the future of natural skin health. Feel the difference our products make.



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